Kako dopreti do svoje dece


Kako dopreti do svoje dece

Nauči jezik svoje dece. Otkrij koje snimke gledaju na Jutjubu, koju muziku slušaju, u šta veruju, njihovu religiju.

Nauči da razgovaraš s njima tako da te slušaju.

Daj sebi vremena. Znam da si zastareo, razne nove stvari oko tebe, a ti ne osećaš da su ti zaista potrebne.

Ali znaj ovo: Jedini put kada će te deca slušati, kada će te stvarno slušati, jeste kada počneš da govoriš njihov jezik.


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  1. I agree, but do you think this is a fine line with teenagers? They are more likely to ridicule adults trying to „speak their language“ than listen to them. Remember making fun of grown-ups trying to „be cool“? Any suggestions for letting this age group know you are available to listen or advise without undermining their parents?

      1. Haha. I grew up when common attitude in the world was „Don’t trust ANYONE over the age of 30!“ (parents, educators or politicians) My observation (rather than suggestion) is this: teens alone are more likely to express true feelings or ask for advice than they would be around friends, boys especially. If you suspect a particular problem (bullying, schoolwork, parental restrictions, sex for example) conversation is easier if it is approached as societal discussion instead of personal situation. Your insight could be more valuable as you are closer to their age, however, I have some experience & success in dealing with younger generations. 🙂

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